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Cloud Instance
Powerd by AMD EPYC with Intel Datacenter SSD; Flexible configuration to meet your needs. Go Launch Now!
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Dedicated Cloud
Powerd by AMD EPYC with Intel Datacenter SSD; Unmetered Transfer and dedicated hardware. Say bye to congestion
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Physical machines
Powerd by Intel or AMD with Intel Datacenter SSD; IPMI access and instance delivery; Also, All 10Gbps Uplink!
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Full Intel Datacenter SSD, KVM-based platform
Multi-provider, optimized international and local routing, multi-level redundancy to ensure reliability.
Los Angeles
California, USA
Hong Kong
Hong Kong, China
Tokyo, Japan
Transit Provider

AS4809 CN2 Connected*;

DDoS protection;

SpeedVM works with the fabulous Transit Providers.

*The CN2(AS4809, GIA) connection is only included in Premium Network Profile
Deploy instance in just a few minutes.
Select a product type
Choose your favorite products and specifications, and then place an order.
Deploy in minutes
One-click system installation, no cumbersome setup, deployment completed in a few minutes.
Connect and use it
Use secure SSH Key authorization to log in to your instance and enjoy your work.
More Than Powerful.
High-quality network, strong performance, professional technical and customer service teams, DDoS protection and a variety of authorized protection certification ensure the safe operation of your cloud instances.
Powerful Performance
We are using the Intel Datacenter SSD and high-performance AMD EPYC Processors; Ceph is deployed in all our data centers, ready to protect your data.
Anti-DDoS Protection
We have our own DDoS Mitigation Cluster in all our datacenter; it provides instantly detour to filter the abnormal traffic. We have enough bandwidth to provides you with all-around protection.
Cyber Security Protection
All of our VM services have a front firewall which allows you to customize the ACL rules to protect you from common attacks. Log in with Cloud-init and private keys to provide you with a secure operating environment.
control panel
With our self-designed control panel, you can immediately start deploying a new Cloud instance in just a few steps.
Simple and intuitive
Two-step verification
Easy management