Term Of Service
Last update: Sept. 5, 2022



SpeedVM is a professional IDC provider, and all SpeedVM services you use must comply with the service regulations. SpeedVM has the right to modify and publish these service terms! Before using SpeedVM products, be sure to read the service terms, as we have the right to handle any violations of the service terms in accordance with regulations! If any disputes arise, SpeedVM shall not be held responsible beyond the terms of the contract. Any consequences resulting from violating the terms shall be borne by the user. If there is any ambiguity in the SpeedVM service terms, you can consult online customer service.

1In order to provide customers with better and stable services in a sustainable manner, and to provide a basis for dispute resolution, we have formulated this "Service Terms".

2When purchasing SpeedVM services or products, you must agree to these "Service Terms". Those who have purchased SpeedVM services or products and completed the payment shall be deemed to have agreed to these "Service Terms".

3Users enjoy the relevant rights stipulated in these "Service Terms" and must fulfill the relevant obligations stipulated in these "Service Terms".

4Any disputes arising between users and SpeedVM during the use of SpeedVM's services or products shall be resolved in accordance with these "Terms of Service".

5SpeedVM reserves the right to refuse to provide services to malicious users.

6SpeedVM reserves the final right to interpret these user service terms.


Service Instructions

1、 When you complete the user registration process on this website or obtain and order related products and services from this website, it is deemed that you have fully agreed to these service terms. This service term is like a written term signed and stamped by the customer in person, and has legal effect on both the user and both parties.


Article 1 Definition of Terms

1" Force majeure "refers to any situation or event beyond the control of SpeedVM, including but not limited to: telecommunications backbone network blockages, telecommunications backbone network accidents, actions of central or local governments, strikes, lockdowns or other labor disputes, nationwide disorder, war, natural disasters, or regional emergencies.

2In this agreement, both parties only refer to the contracting parties of this agreement, namely you and SpeedVM mentioned above.


Article 2 User Account

1Your registration information on this website must be true, accurate, complete, and accurate. Please do not use a virtual account to register and place orders, otherwise we have the right to refuse to provide services.

2We will strictly protect user information, and you should also modify the initial password in a timely manner. If data loss or financial loss is caused by server intrusion, our website will not bear any responsibility.

After verification and confirmation, if the user engages in the above behaviors, we will have the right to take measures including but not limited to: requesting deletion, suspending service, suspending service, submitting to relevant law enforcement departments, etc.


Article 3 Reasonable Use Policy

1We have formulated a detailed policy for reasonable use, please be sure to review it.

2For products with a memory of less than 4GB, unless otherwise specified, Windows system installation is not currently available. Please be informed


Article 4 User Obligations

1Users shall not engage in any behavior that violates Chinese and US laws during the use of our services or products.

2Prohibit opening multiple accounts (small accounts), otherwise we may force a merger. Individuals are prohibited from establishing multiple accounts, promoting offline, and engaging in cash back activities.

3Prohibit running websites or programs that are vulnerable to DDOS traffic attacks on non defensive machines, including but not limited to.

4Prohibit various illegal machine testing behaviors (including but not limited to: seeking attacks, seeking stress testing, etc.).

5SpeedVM only provides direct customer service for customers and does not authorize so-called "purchasing on behalf of others" or "third-party purchasers purchasing and transferring to other users for use". If any related issues arise, we will consider it as an active (or passive) action caused by the buyer (direct customer).

6Prohibit the use of machines, including but not limited to: external/internal outsourcing, ARP attacks/hijacking, scanning weak passwords, running hacker software, and malicious exploitation and interference with other servers.

7Customers must comply with the reasonable usage policy established by SpeedVM. Please refer to


Article 5 Refund Guarantee and Refusal Dispute

Unless otherwise specified, all products do not have a refund service. If you purchase the service, you can apply for a refund to the balance within 24 hours, except for the following situations:

1. The user has violated the service terms.

If no refund request is made within 2.24 hours, the balance will be refunded within 72 hours after 24 hours, and no refund will be made after 72 hours.

3. Repeated purchases of products and requests for refunds are non refundable.

4. Any activity payments, such as quarterly payments (including quarterly payments, semi annual payments, and annual payments) or discounted special price models, will not be refunded.

5. Refund service is not provided for the prepaid amount.

6. For all independent servers and internet dedicated products, we do not provide refund services. Please contact sales in advance for testing/trial purposes.

7. Testing requires KYC certification, and there is no charge for testing products. The testing time and configuration should be agreed with the sales team.

8. For all additional service products, such as increasing IP count, upgrading bandwidth, and upgrading defense, we do not provide refund services.

9. All refunds will be refunded through the original route after deducting the "30%" transaction interface handling fee (based on the actual amount deducted from the handling fee), and transfers to third parties will not be accepted.

10. If there are complaints, abuse, IP being blocked, etc. during use, no refund will be given.

Special reminder: We will make every effort to serve every customer as well as possible. If there are any problems, please communicate with us in a friendly manner to resolve them.

Please pay attention to civilized communication. If users provoke, insult, defame, or bombard our brand or customer service personnel with work orders, we have the right to take measures such as deleting accounts or blacklisting.

If the user experiences the above situation and still initiates a refund dispute with the payment gateway, we have the right to take measures such as deleting the account, blacklisting, and pursuing economic losses.


Article 6: Independent servers refuse refunds

1Independent servers do not support refunds and refunds of remaining payments. The host series products are available for sale within 24 hours without any special circumstances. If there are any special circumstances, please reply to the work order.


Article 7 Disclaimer and Data Loss Handling Plan

We are not responsible for any of the following situations:

1. For overdue account products, the system adopts the policy of invalidating upon expiration, and SpeedVM has no obligation to keep expired account information/products.

2. The service cannot be accessed (used) or data is lost due to the user being in arrears for 1 day (24 hours), not renewing or forgetting to renew, and actively applying for a refund (and successfully refunding).

3. Inaccessibility (use) or data loss of services due to improper user actions or other related behaviors.

4. Inaccessibility or data loss caused by users' website content or usage behavior violating the service terms.

5. Inaccessibility or data loss caused by major social abnormal events such as war, armed conflict, strikes, riots, etc.

6. Inaccessibility or data loss caused by major natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, waves, floods, locusts, storms, hail, sandstorms, volcanic eruptions, landslides, avalanches, mudslides, etc.

7. Service inability to access (use) or data loss due to customer failure to comply with SpeedVM's fair use policy.

8. The server does not provide a redundant array of disks and does not provide redundant data backup. Please do your own remote backup operation (Raid only improves disk reliability, not backup).

9. In case of data loss caused by catastrophic failure, the customer shall be compensated for the same package for a period of 2 months annually, and the customer service shall be compensated for the same package for a period of 1 month monthly, but shall not be liable for any loss of customer data value.


Article 8 Abuse Handling Plan

1Violation of the Service Terms and Fair Use Policy, regardless of any reason, will result in VPS being banned until its expiration.

2If a non independent server continuously occupies server resources (with a single CPU core of over 60% and high disk I/O load) for more than 3 hours, the system will automatically shut down your machine. If it appears multiple times, your machine will be automatically banned.

3VPS scans weak passwords or ports externally, which are monitored and complained about by the computer room. VPS is banned until it expires.

4Running but not limited to: mining traffic, various virtual currencies, traffic swapping, cluster computing, foreign exchange and other high consumption resources, first shutdown warning, second machine ban until expiration.

5Because it includes but is not limited to complaints from computer rooms and copyright organizations. Regardless of any reason, the machine will be banned until it expires.

6Prohibit the use of agents, that is, using machines to set up services that contain V.P.N and other related laws and regulations in mainland China. Including personal and commercial purposes (proxy sales platforms, proxy nodes), ban machines until expiration.

7Non exclusive and defenseless server services have been attacked by high traffic DDOS (either attacked or actively attacked externally), and IP has been banned for 48 hours due to empty routing. After unblocking, provide 2 hours to backup data, and ban the machine until it expires.

8The non exclusive defense resource server service has been repeatedly subjected to DDOS that exceeds the threshold (maximum defense value) for a long time, causing network impact. After unblocking, provide 2 hours to backup data, and then ban the server until it expires.

9The non exclusive defense resource server business has been found to be used by customers for improper purposes such as pressure testing (attacks) in any channel, and has caused network impact. After unblocking, provide 2 hours to backup data, and ban the machine until it expires.

10The use of machines includes but is not limited to: internal network attacks, ARP hijacking, illegal occupation of others' IPs, running DHCP services, whether active or passive, and blocking machines until expiration.


Article 9: No Technical Support Services

1Software not developed by SpeedVM does not guarantee or promise security. We only provide installation services, and customers need to master basic usage methods.

2In theory, our product does not provide any technical support and only provides limited services, such as remote blocking/network card replacement. VPS users can choose to self install the system or self repair through VNC.

3In principle, we do not provide any technical support other than the machine itself, including but not limited to: proxy installation panels, proxy maintenance services. Please understand.

4Please do not request anything other than a non host question from us. We have the right to refuse to answer or not reply directly.

5All refunds, replacements, and adjustments will be processed through work orders. The processing time is from 11:00 to 23:00 Beijing time, and will be postponed during holidays. Please arrange the time reasonably.


Article 10 Liability for Breach of Contract

If a user violates the Fair Use Policy (AUP) in these service terms, we will directly delete all user information/products and will not provide any form of backup or compensation.


Article 11: Reservation of Authority

SpeedVM reserves the right to make changes to operational products. If you do not accept or agree, please do not purchase.

SpeedVM reserves the final interpretation right of this clause. If you do not accept or agree, please do not make a purchase.

SpeedVM reserves the right to modify this clause without prior notice.

SpeedVM All official announcements and public letters are based on the official website and official notices, the words and actions of other individuals or units do not represent the position of SpeedVM, so beware of fraud.

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